How ProfitCLicking Work for You?These Tutorials, Information and Guide ProfitClicking.
In ProfitClicking there are types of membership: FREE MEMBER or MEMBER
UPGRADE. These differences between the FREE UPGRADE MEMBER and MEMBER 



 1. Got Profit 2% (Monday-Friday) and 1% (Saturday-Sunday) of the number of Ad Packages / Position (TP) that is purchased for 75 days (total profit of 150% for 88 days);
 2. Every purchase Traffic Packages / Position (TP) in Profitclicking directly with multiples of 4 ($ 40), then 4 Traffic Packages / Position (TP) which are owned to 1 position matrix, name matrix cycle, here you will get $ 60 USD when the cycle (profit 150 %); 
3. So the total profit you will get is 300%, so named ProfitCLicking (Profit Become a 3-fold); 
4. Bonus Referral from Level 1 = $ 1, Level 2 = $ 0.5 (per 1 Traffic Packages / Position (TP) purchased); 
5. Bonus Cycle of level 1 = $ 5, from Level 2 = $ 2.5 (each cycle to cycle); 

What is ProfitCLicking-Panel Matrix? 

ProfitCLicking Matrix is ​​one of five programs ProfitCLicking. Which one (1) position when the cycle ProfitClicking Matrix will receive $ 60 Bonus When ProfitClicking-Panel Matrix cycle? After 75 days ProfitCLicking Matrix positions will move to the matrix system.  

ProfitCLicking Matrix will cycle when fully charged by your referrals.

You have 4 Traffic Packages / Position (TP) in ProfitClicking worth $ 40 (your initial capital), you are going to get 150% profit worth $ 60. Then after 75 days 4 positions on your ProfitClicking had become mature, then you will get a bonus 1 position in the matrix 2 x 2 in ProfitClicking, Once fully charged 2x2 matrix (6 Traffic Packages / Position (TP)) there will be a cycle and you will get a profit of $ 60.
Matrix will cycles automatically and regulated by the system, and the only position in which the purchase ProfitClicking after upgrade in the projected ProfitClicking cycler, for members who purchase Traffic Packages / Position (TP) in ProfitClicking before upgrading in ProfitClicking not projected to cycles.

As Upgrade Member, then out of every 4 position ProfitClicking you are ripe (mature), you will receive 1 (one) position in the matrix of 2x2 in ProfitClicking Matrix worth $ 60 (50%), 8 Traffic Packages / Position (TP) ProfitClicking your vast , will have 2 positions in the 2x2 Matrix, if there are 16 positions ProfitClicking you are mature, you will get 4 positions in the 2x2 Matrix, and so on.

If you've filled Matrix Board by others and by yourself (max 2 spot) with a total of 6 Spot the Matrix Cycle and you say you are entitled to a bonus (rebate) $ 60 (150%) in ProfitClicking.

filled level 1 and level 2 will be filled by the system at random (member site)
you can speed up the cycle by buying a new position and hold.

Example 1: 
You have 4 positions in ProfitClicking worth $ 40 ($ 40 starting capital you) you are going to get 150% profit worth $ 60.And every 4 positions that mature ProfitClicking, as a member of ProfitClicking upgrade you will get a bonus 1 position in the 2x2 matrix in ProfitClicking worth $ 20 (worth 50%),Once fully loaded 2x2 matrix (6 positions) it will cycle and profit $ 60 (worth 25%). Matrix will cycles automatically and regulated by the system, and the only position in which the purchase ProfitClicking after upgrade in the projected ProfitClicking cycles, to purchase a position before the upgrade in ProfitClicking ProfitClicking not projected to cycles.You'll also get a bonus 75% of the matrix belongs ProfitClicking, Big booster, your up-line or down-line, another member arranged at random by the system ProfitClickingAccording to the News Bulletin ProfitClicking, Once fully charged matrix cycle 2 weeks for members upgrade level 1 in ProfitClicking and 1 week for member level 2 upgrade in ProfitClicking for every 1 position in ProfitClicking

Example 2: 
Each member level 1 you buy 1 position ($ 10) at ProfitClicking you get $ 1, if you buy 100 positions member, then you get $ 100. It is from one members only, if you have a lot of members and they buy a lot of positions to pursue daily profit, it will be great results.Each member level 2 you buy 1 position in ProfitClicking you get $ 0.5, if the member level 2 you buy 100 positions, you earn $ 50. It is from 1 member level 2 only, and will be larger with the number of member level 2 youIf you do not upgrade in ProfitClicking for $ 15 (for 3 months), you will not get all of the above benefitsYou can only benefit SURE profit 2% (Monday-Friday) and 1% (Saturday-Sunday) for 88 daysOf all, the most convenient is ProfitClicking and every 4 positions in ProfitClicking be 1 in ProfitClicking-Matrix matrix that will cycles automatically by the system, for it ignore other programs enough focus and active in ProfitClicking matrix.


1. You will ONLY get 2% profit (Monday-Friday) and 1% (Saturday-Sunday) of the number of positions that are purchased for 88 days (150% profit); 
2. You DO NOT GET BENEFITS as in # 2, no. 3, 4 and no. Upgrade Member 5 as obtained above.

Member Benefits Upgrade:

# Can Profit 2% (Monday-Friday) and 1% (Saturday-Sunday) for 88 days, a total profit of 150%;
# Can Bonus Referral Level 1 = 10% and Level 2 = 5% of each purchase;
# Every 4 Pack that Traffic can be a bonus contract runs 1 Panel
ProfitClicking Matrix;
# Each 1
ProfitClicking Matrix cycle, get a bonus $ 60 per Package Traffic;
# Got a Cycle Bonus of level 1 = $ 5, from Level 2 = $ 2.5.
System ProfitClicking Very Simple Work At Once. Just key in the Number of Positions That You Buy. That number Position X $ 0.2 = Daily Profit at ProfitClicking.

From the Daily Profit, you can buy a New Position in ProfitClicking
If There is a Balance in your Account Valued at $ 10.
So You Do not Need More Capital To Issue Adds New Position

The more you Have a position, then you'll Daily Profit is increasing every day, and every day at 18:00 o'clock I Guarantee You Will Surely Smile because your account has recorded a profit you that day!

Consider the following calculation, If you buy a position ProfitClicking

Price 1 POSITION = 10 USD
You Can Buy Position As much as you Want.
Maximum purchase 250 shares per 60 minutes
or a maximum of 500 shares per day

Definitely a 2% Profit Mon-Fri Profit Definitely 1% Saturday-Sunday
Definitely a 50% profit per month
Definitely Profit Total 150% for 88 days

INCOME WILL YOU GET heavily dependent position number you buy. Suppose you:

Buy 1 share worth $ 10 = $ 0.2 per day for sure profit
Buy 10 shares worth $ 100 = profit would have been $ 2 per day
Buy 100 shares worth $ 1,000 = $ 20 per day for sure profit
Buy 1,000 shares valued at $ 10,000 = $ 200 a day profit definite
Bought 10,000 shares worth $ 100,000 = $ 2,000 per day for sure profit



ProfitClicking is a sub program of Business Justbeenpaid which began in August 2012 has been turned into, a business concept that is indefinitely sustainable business that will continue to evolve profitclicking sustainable indefinitely.
JSS Tripler ProfitClicking - designed by Frederick Mann as a new breakthrough to create a way or a path to success and semudahkan short as possible. You do not need to sponsor people to make money. But if you can sponsor people, you can earn more money.
Jss Tripler profitclicking is an online business is the best time because it is run professionally and Owner staff are full of experience since 1997. JSS Tripler business online business reliable, safe and has been proven to change the lives of thousands of members in the world.

ProfitClicking program is one of the most popular and attracted many netizens around the world compared to other programs because ProfitClicking is the result of the refinement of the various online investment systems ever. ProfitClicking is booming in the world, including in Indonesia.
Tutorial Guide ProfitClicking an online investment program in the form of the Visitors Traffic Package Sponsor Ads that give maximum profit and sustained indefinitely.
ProfitClicking provides solutions ease, comfort for all investors to manage their funds with which the system simple and profitable.
To succeed in business opportunities online best business investment Profit Clicking, you pretty minimal capital investment by $ 10.00 but CAN change Being Thousands of Dollars per day, per week or per month
· No need to recruit, because without recruiting you still profit in profitcicking;
· Do not sell physical products, because the products Profit Clicking is Traffic Pack (advertising services);
· No need to work hard to get money, without any work your Profit 2% per day;
· The backup program RSF Profit Clicking, not worried Profit Clicking being Scam;
· Program indefinitely sustainable, you can avail money constantly;
· Real Money / Withdrawal to LibertyReserve / Alertpay / Payza;
· Sponsor Bonus 10% - 5% each time a purchase Traffic Package;
· Traffic Bonus Package $ 60 per package Matris Traffic Matrix.
· Free $ 10 for New Applicants

Investment Plan offered:
The form is a Package Traffic Investment.
You must buy the package Traffic,
Traffic every package you buy will get:
  2% every day Monday - Friday,
1% Saturday and Sunday,
up to 88 calendar days.
Traffic Package Price 1 $ 10
2% Profit daily (Monday - Friday) and 1% (Saturday - Sunday)
The period of the contract 88 days
Total profit for 88 days = 150%

Example of Calculation:
You Got capital $ 40
With $ 40 you can be 4 Packs Traffic
After 88 days to $ 60
Invest a minimum of $ 10
Maximal invest-Free

Profit Clicking bonuses:
1. Sponsor Bonus 10% - 5% each time a purchase Traffic Package;
Referral Bonus / Invite members at 10% level 1, and 5% for level 2 of each time your referrals purchase Traffic Package.
2. Matris Bonus $ 60 per Package Traffic Matrix.
Any package that has expired Traffic (already 81 days) no longer generate daily profits. However, every 4 Packs Traffic (multiplication) which has reached 81 days (contract runs out) would be a bonus 1 matrix in an advanced program profitclicking and that is profitclicking the Program Panel. 1 piece Matrix consists of 2 levels and contains 6 spot / point.
When Spot level1 and level 2 is fully called cycle, then you will get $ 60, charging spot is done by the system randomly.

     Example: You invest $ 520 = 52 Packs Traffic;
     After 81 days to $ 780;
     Matrix amount you gain is a: 52: 4 = 13 Matrix;
     Total acquisition of Matrix Bonus = 13 x $ 60 = $ 780

So your total income is = $ 780 + $ 780 = $ 1560 (300%)
The conclusion is:
Profit Clicking gave two types of sources of gain or profit to be gained from ProfitClicking namely:

Income derived from the Daily Profit by 1% - 2% per day in accordance Total Purchase Package Traffic There;
To get a daily profit of ProfitClicking online business, you must register and purchase a Package Traffic / Advertising (offline ads).
# 1 Traffic Package Price = $ 10 USD;
# 1 Package Traffic / Advertising can be used to advertise 1000x Impressions;
# Minimum Equity $ 10 and Maximum Without Borders;
# 1 Traffic Package Can Profit 2% per day or $ 0.2 per day (Monday-Friday) and
Profit 1% per day or $ 0.10 per day (Saptu-Sunday);
# Profit paid every day for 88 days, Total 150%;
# 88 day contract period, since the purchase of each package Traffic;
# You can buy additional traffic package at any time without waiting for 88 days;
# You can withdraw profits anytime without waiting for the day to-88;
# Daily Profit Traffic can you buy a new package;
# You can set "AUTO Repurchase" in the member area you Clicking Profit;
# Withdrawal min. $ 20 and go to LR / Payza max. 3 x 24 hours.
Purchase Example:
The amount depends on your daily Profit Total Traffic Package that
purchased in profitcicking.
If You Have Capital of $ 1000 then:
- Capital $ 1,000 to 100 Packs Traffic = (100 x $ 10);

Example Your Profit:
# Monday-Friday: 1 Package Traffic to Profit 2% / day = $ 10 x 2% = $ 0.2;
# Saptu-Sunday: 1 Package Traffic to Profit 1.5% / day = $ 10 x 1% = $ 0.1;
# Total Profit of 100 Packs Traffic Traffic Package = 100 x $ 0.2 = $ 20 per day;
Active income is income derived from the Network Bonus Referral Bonus and Bonus Package Matrix.
So in addition you get a profit of 2% (Passive Income), you can still Get Additional Income larger, provided that you must upgrade the level 1 in ProfitClicking.
Upgrade Level in ProfitClicking NOT MANDATORY for member ProfitClicking. Upgrade level is reserved for those who WANT to actively recruit new investors ProfitClicking.
# Can Profit 1% -2% daily for 88 days, a total profit of 150%;

# Can Bonus Referral Level 1 = 10% and Level 2 = 5% of each purchase;

# Every 4 Pack that Traffic can be a bonus contract runs 1 ProfitClicking Matrix;

# Each 1 ProfitClicking Matrix cycle, get a bonus $ 60 per Package Traffic;

# Got a Cycle Bonus of level 1 = $ 5, from Level 2 = $ 2.5.



PTC ini asli dari Indonesia sejak tahun 2009. Adapun pendaftarannya gratis dan sebagai  member kita akan:
  • Dibayar Rp 25 sampai Rp 500 untuk tiap iklan yang diklik.
  • Dibayar 50% untuk tiap iklan yang diklik dari referal Anda.
  • Minimal pembayaran Rp 10.000,- (Premium), Rp 20.000,- (Standard)
  • Pembayaran melalui BCA, Mandiri dan BNI
  • Lebih banyak iklan bagi member Premium 
Nah bagi yang berminat mencoba silahkan klik


Hampir sama dengan, di untuk pendaftarannya juga gratis dan sebagai member kita akan:
  • Dibayar hingga Rp.150,- untuk tiap klik iklan yang ditampilkan selama 30 detik.
  • Dibayar Rp 25,-/(Rp.100,- premium) untuk tiap klik iklan dari referal Anda.
  • Minimum pay out Rp.20.000 (member Standart)Rp.10.000 (member Premium)
  • Pay Out Melalui Bank BCA, Bank Mandiri, Bank BRI, Bank BNI dan ATM Bersama.
Nah bagi yang berminat mencoba silahkan klik banner dibawah ini.

  • Dibayar Hingga Rp 300,- untuk tiap klik iklan yang ditampilkan selama 30 detik.
  • Dibayar Hingga Rp 150,- untuk tiap klik iklan dari referal Anda.
  • Komisi hingga 5% untuk setiap pembelian yang dilakukan referal langsung Anda.
  • Informasi status Anda dengan mudah bisa dilihat, seperti jumlah klik, Saldo Anda, bahkan jumlah klik serta aktivitas referal Anda.
  • Permintaan Pembayaran secara instan!
Asumsi pendapatan:
Jika Anda klik 10 iklan setiap hari, dan mempunyai 100 referral, dimana mereka klik 10 iklan juga setiap hari, maka Anda akan memperoleh Rp 18.615.000,- per-tahun.
Nah bagi yang berminat mencoba silahkan klik banner dibawah in

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